Front End Alignment Tacoma

If your vehicle feels unstable, a front end alignment may improve safety, create a smoother ride, promote longer tire life, and increase fuel efficiency. The front end alignment of a vehicle is a series of adjustments to the front end suspension using exact weights and measures. The primary angles of steering involve the basic angle alignment of the wheels and their relationship to each other and the truck or car body. The adjustments are the camber, caster and toe. Not all of these alignment aspects can be adjusted on every wheel on every car, however.

True specifications are provided by the car makers. Proper adjustment allows the car to travel straight forward and stop in a straight line. Pulling to either side during driving or stopping means there is a problem. Precision Automotive can make the adjustments to keep your car running and stopping straight and true. Call for an appointment at (253)759-2044 or use the easy query form below the informative quizzes.

If any of the images below look like they were drawn from your vehicle, you may have an alignment problem. Match the problems with the images (answers below).

Wheel Alignment Problems Quiz:

1. Positive Caster
2. Toe In
3. Negative Camber
4. Negative Caster
5. Toe Out
6. Positive Camber

Tire Wear Quiz:

1. Local Wear
2. Diagonal Wear/Heel & Toe Wear
3. Camber Wear
4. Wear Indicator
5. Overinflation
6. Spotty/Chopped Wear (Numerous problems)
7. Feathered Wear (Excessive Toe In or Toe Out)
8. Underinflation


1. O
2. L
3. J
4. N
5. M
6. K


1. H
2. A
3. B
4. G
5. F
6. D
7. C
8. E.

Front End Alignment Problems in Tacoma

Besides front end alignments, we offer the full range of exceptional professional automobile engine and mechanical repair services to make your car or truck run better than it did before the repairs were needed. Please let us know what we can do for you and when you would like an appointment for an estimate.

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